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Montblanc Type
Montblanc Type

Montblanc Type is the corporate typeface for Montblanc. A design that reflects the brand's highly traditional esthetics and uncompromising demands regarding form and style. Montblanc Type was designed with the creative direction of KW43 BRANDDESIGN. Montblanc type was recognized with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015, with Gold by Germany's Art Directors Club and the 2015 Corporate Design Preis.

Usual Typeface

Usual is a utilitarian typeface, suitable for whenever typographic sobriety and neutrality is needed. With a clear modernist inspiration, Usual was born of the attempt at using a scale of proportions in type design. Similarly to Le Corbusier's Modulor, the scale of proportions used in Usual, works as a tool or program for the typeface's metrics, and consequently, the rhythm of the stems. More details and availability.

Litania typeface
Litania is a typographic experiment that draws on the idea of variation. It carries two complete sets of uppercase letters. One is a set of Roman capitals, the other a set of Lombardic capitals. To make them match when set together, proportions were normalized, the decorative features of the Lombardic capitals were tamed, and the same serif shapes were used for both forms. More details and availability.
Signo typeface
Signo is a dynamic sans serif with reverse contrast, designed for editorial and branding. Signo is a charismatic typeface for headlines, but its tall x-height and open counters also make it perform well in small sizes, resulting in a versatile typeface across weights. The cursive italics are a good complement to the roman fonts and will add variety and warmth to the page. The Signo family comes in six weights, from Thin to Bold, and includes two weights for text: the Book and the Regular. More details and availability.
Aria Text
Aria text Typeface
Aria Text is the new text version of the lyric Aria Pro. More sober and rational, Aria Text was designed for books. The decoration mannerisms, extreme contrast, the italics angle, among other attributes of the original display typeface, were now tamed and rethought towards readability and transparency in long texts. Aria Text comes with 3 grades for each one of the main six styles and is a fully featured family of 18 OpenType fonts in total. More details and availability.
Azo Sans Uber
Azo Sans Typeface
Azo Sans Uber is the heavy headline version of Azo Sans. It explores the maximum weight possible in Azo's uppercases, without dismissing their geometrical appearance. For more personality, Azo Sans Uber has all the optical adjustments present in the original typeface, exaggerated. Azo Sans Uber also comes with flary alternative glyphs, that can be both used automatically as contextual alternates, or simply as stylistic alternates. More details and availability.
Azo Sans
Azo Sans Typeface
Azo Sans is a new geometric grotesque loosely based on the elementary forms of geometry. It is constructed in a geometric manner and inspired by the constructivist typefaces of the 1920's, but is instilled with a humanistic quality. Azo Sans is full of nuances that soften the strictness of pure geometry, making the typeface more human and pleasant to read in longer body text. Azo Sans comes in six weights from Thin to Black, with a matching cursive italic for every weight. More details and availability.
Gira Sans
Gira Sans Typeface
Gira Sans is a grotesque typeface, inspired by the 19th century sans serifs. It's a modern, human and joyful take on that model. Gira's seven weights range from Thin to Extra Bold with matching italics. It comes with Small Caps and a wide range of OpenType features like eight figure styles, arrows, surperscript and much more. Gira Sans was selected for the Typography Annual 3 of Communication Arts. More details and availability.
Grafolita Script
Grafolita Script
Grafolita Script originally started as a costum font for Grafolita®, a brand of letterpress products. It was later developed in to a fully functional OpenType typeface with 3 weights: regular, medium and bold. It offers great versatility in composing layouts with different point sizes, as it allows the user to balance the weights between bigger and smaller letters. More details and availability.
Aria Pro
Aria Pro Typeface
The inspiration for Aria was the epigraph on a frame of a nineteenth century painting. The high contrast, and overall quirkiness of the capitals, especially the R's tail and the M's oblique stems, were the main triggers. Attempting to capture the Romanticism of the original letters, the result was a lyric display typeface. The approach allowed for some exuberance on the regular style, but also led to more calligraphic letterforms in the italic. Aria Pro was a winning entrie of Atypi Letter.2; was selected for the Typography Annual 2 of Communication Arts; was one of Typographica's favourite typefaces of 2011. Aria Pro is available at MyFonts.
Gesta Typeface

Gesta is a friendly versatile sans serif typeface intended for corporate and editorial purposes. With its generous x-height and gently curved strokes, Gesta combines a distinctive and warm feel with a modern look. It is available in four weights from light to bold with four matching italics and its OpenType features include small caps and old-style figures for every weight. More details and availability.

Foral Pro
Foral Pro typeface

Foral is a slab serif typeface that started out as a rigid and geometric design. During its long period of development it was slowly sculptured into a more organic and balanced typeface, moving away from the initial modularity. Foral's eight styles range from Light to Extra Bold with matching italics. It comes with Small Caps and a wide range of OpenType features. Foral Pro is available at MyFonts.

Orbe Pro
Orbe Pro Typeface

Orbe is a typographic interpretation of the Lombardic majuscules. For its beauty and decorativeness, Lombardic capitals were the chosen form for versals in mediaeval manuscripts. These versals were an amalgamation of roman capitals and uncials. In Orbe some majuscules resemble simpler roman capitals, while others are more ornamental shapes. This mixture allows for the composition of words, something usually hard to do with more conventional Lombardic majuscules. Orbe is available in OpenType and features a full CE supported character set, ornaments and ligatures. Orbe received a "Certificate of Typographic Excellence" from the TDC in 2009, was one of Typographica's favourite typefaces of 2008; was selected for the Typography Annual 1 of Communication Arts; was nominated for the German Design Award 2010; was a winning entrie of Atypi Letter.2. Orbe is available at MyFonts.

Catacumba Pro
Catacumba, Open-Type Features

Catacumba is a six-weight typeface inspired by the painted inscriptions of the Igreja de São Francisco church's catacombs in Porto, Portugal. The forms are clearly influenced by Victorian style, with an unmistakable French heritage, and yet they somehow convey a decidedly Portuguese sensibility. Catacumba's centerpieces are its two titling styles: the exuberant Excelsa, and the Didonesque Moderata. From these two decoratives, four new cuts are derived. Catacumba Pro is a joint release by Fountain and PSY/OPS.

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