Custom type

Sometimes clients need original type to convey the appropriate atmosphere for their visual identities, or simply because of specific technical or linguistic requirements.

We provide high-quality custom type for such cases. A custom typeface can either be a new design made from scratch, or a modification of a typeface from our retail collection — that may need to have the right flavour, new features or extended language support.

Here is some work we've done.

Fast Company Logo

The last redesign of Fast Company comes with a new suite of typefaces that includes Grifo and Grifinito for headlines. With art direction by Mike Schnaidt we also designed the magazine’s new logo using Grifo.

Fast Company Magazine CoversFast Company Logo MagazineFast Company Logo WebsiteFast Company Icon Social Media

Lisboeta Type

For the redesign of Lisboa Magazine, published by the City Council of Lisbon, we custom-made a script typeface named Lisboeta inspired by old store signs found in Lisbon. The magazine’s headlines mix the three widths of Grifo, Grifito and Grifinito typefaces, for that we also made a special font that “randomly” combines them, called Grifo Combo.

Lisboa Magazine LogoLisboeta Type CustomLisboeta Type CustomLisboa Magazine Cover

Montblanc Type

Montblanc Type was designed for Montblanc with the creative direction of KW43 BRANDDESIGN. The type reflects the brand's highly "traditional esthetics and uncompromising demands regarding form and style". 

Montblanc type

montblanc type

montblanc typemontblanc type photo

Bonava Sans

Bonava Sans was designed with the creative direction of Pond Stockholm, for Bonava, a leading residential development company in Northern Europe.


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